Saturday, 8 January 2011

Green earrings for Kata

To start the blog off I present here one of my very first works which I made not for myself. As for most beginners, I also experimented (and still do of course) on myself to make my technics more polished and find my own path, materials and style. I am still well on my way to get there so please do not get over-critical, but still, any opinion is welcome unless it expects more from me than what I am currently able to do. Hopefully I will improve from one piece of jewellery to the next one, thank you for the patience!

The earring was a present for the sister of my boyfriend whose only request was something green. In the end she only received it for Christmas accompanied by a bracelet as even though we both live in the same city we just could not find the time to meet. I was happy to make something green, this is my favourite colour but after a certain point you just cannot afford to have one more green thing on you without looking like a total idiot.

My overall philosophy is avoiding the usage of any artificial material as much as possible. I prefer working with wooden beads, ceramics, textile, or whatever I can find during the long walks with our dogs in the woods or on fields. The one thing I cannot wear on myself and also hate to see on others is plastic, please do not expect me to work with anything such.

Later on I made another pair of the earrings you see here but this time using pink as the base colour matched with black and of course the small beads were slightly different too. Unfortunately I failed to take photo of that one before giving it to my sister - I might do it next time we visit her at home.

So welcome to the blog and come back again! And do not hesitate to ask for any jewellery you would like for yourself, I wil be happy to make it for you!

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