Monday, 30 May 2011

3 Blogs to Read in June

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1. Jewelry: Variant Soul Jewelry (English)

Only in case the owner of this blog posts anything in June (I strongly hope for that). Dive into the colorful and fantastic African and tribal jewelry with Afua, who has been designing for 30 years and learnt the basics from her Mom. Finally something really authentic. Afua, now it is us who have a lot to learn from you.

2. Passion for...: La Mia Passione (Hungarian)

Written by a passionate, out-of-the-ordinary car-dealer in a funny and sometimes painfully honest style. Anything about cars and not only cars. Entertaining even for women as the author is not simply listing up technical features but captures the soul of the cars he talks about. And another blogger who I would like to strongly encourage to write more often!

3. Ladies welcome: Csinicsomag (Hungarian)

This blog is written by a couple of accessories-fan friends who not only recommend stuff but also sell them at a very reasonable price. They pair bracelets with handbags to make sure you don't have to. Are you "csini" today?

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Come to Liguria

Some weeks/months ago I had a dream (don't remember what it was) and because it was so weird I looked it up in the dream-dictionary. It said that I should expect some difficulties ahead and a challenging period in my life. It seems that it was right - we have been going up and down for the past few weeks on end. One day all seems right and the next it all turns upside down.

So has been our holiday destination for this year changing.

It seems that my dream to make a jeep-tour in Morocco will need to be put off again and now we are browsing holiday houses in Liguria, Italy. This has been an old dream of mine too and it would mean setting off by car again, just like we did last year when touring all over the Balkans. It was a great deal of fun so I would expect the same. I want hot sunshine, sea, discovery and adventures again, oh yeah!

Friday, 27 May 2011


Now you will understand why I use coins so often for my jewelry: because I love them in general.

As I collect foreign coins, whenever somebody around me travels to a place I have never been I always ask them to bring one coin for me. I also love to hunt for them at antique shops or bazaars abroad where I can buy them by the loads and make a good bargain for them. I have many which I could not identify so far because I cannot read the Arabic or foreign letters and even the seller did not know where they were from.

So by now I have collected quite a few. I hope to get a proper album or display for them one day but until then, they are just as fine in the ceramic mug I keep them in.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What Everybody Must Know about Hand-made and Natural Jewelry

I have been thinking about writing this post for a while but today I felt like it was time.

When people look for and buy jewelry they do it out of fun if it is for themselves just as well as if it is as a present. Jewelry is something you can live without but you don't want to. Nowadays a customer can choose of thousands if not millions of offers on the web and all over the place. You can want almost anything, sooner or later you will find the maker for it.

But if you want natural materials and/or hand-made stuff, your expectations must be a bit different. These aspects are better considered before than after the purchase. Many of them are positive ones of course and don't really wish for considering but some do.

It is easier to sum up what you do not buy with hand-made jewelry: pieces that are produced by the thousand in China, pieces that are made by machines, pieces that mean a compromise for you and that you will see on many others. What you do buy is jewelry made with care, made by taking the time for it, and most of the time pieces that are unique. In my case, you can be sure you will never bump into any duplicate piece anywhere. I can make similar pieces but never duplicates. It is a kind of principle that might sound stupid but for me it increases the value of each item. This can be one of the reasons why I am so happy when I actually meet the person who will wear my stuff - because the person is just as unique as the piece of jewelry she bought.

But you must know that because humans make mistakes and machines do not, your hand-made item might not be perfect in the sense of being flawless. Every jewelry-maker aspires to do their best but we are not CNC-machines to be able to do exactly the same bend or length twice.

In the case of natural materials, this factor is even more important. Nature is perfect in its own way but not in the way machine-moulded plastic pieces can be. Please do not expect a wooden bead to look or feel like it was plastic - fortunately, this is impossible. Do not expect two beads to be 100% identical if they are made of ceramic or shell or wood and so on. The necklace of today is a good example to this: this is the whole amount of this big brown wooden bead that I could get and some are not immaculate. But I loved them and decided to use them. Still, the necklace will not fall apart because of these faults. If you look at the whole piece itself you will see that these small faults will not worsen the overall image.

As you might have already noticed I am fully against anything plastic, for many reasons. First of all, it is artificial and just as much as I don't like it around me, I will not wear it on my skin, after all it is nothing but a lot of disgusting and harmful chemicals moulded into a kind of desired shape. A plastic bracelet is no different from a plastic bag you get for free at the check-out of the supermarket.

As for my items, I am always ready to give as much information as possible. If we meet personally, you can always check my items however you want to, you can try them on, you can compare them, we can talk about them for as long as you want to, I can even make certain modifications if this is your wish. You are not just a customer but a person who holds a piece of my inner self in her hand and who values this effort.

Considering all this, what you can expect from a hand-made natural piece is to be perfect in the sense as anything natural is perfect. You can expect it to be unique, to reflect your own style and to last a certain time.

And besides all this, you can be sure that you will respect, cherish, and love this piece of jewelry more than any other you have bought in a shop never knowing where it was from or who it was made by.


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Rain from Holland

Two weeks ago I finally received a very much expected package from Holland. It contained the works of a lady living there and making cute crochet stuff.

I discovered her on Etsy selling her crochet works. You can also visit her shop here.

She made some custom items for me upon our common ideas.

The acorn key charm I present here today was made using an acorn made by her. Just as I was making it today the rain started to fall after a hot summer day in Budapest, refreshing the air and cleaning the mind. It seems that as I opened the package I let the Dutch rain out of it together with the items.

Or maybe it is just that the acorn is lonely and sad all alone. Waiting for a nice owner to take care of her!


Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday Again

I am sure this is an internationally known feeling: Monday.

Honestly I can tell you I love every day of my life, I am not the kind grumbling around like "oh I hate this day". But even for me, Mondays are different.

First of all, I come back to the city, this is already a big change and as much as I enjoy living in the city on the first day of the week my head is still full of the memories of the weekend. Sometimes it can be really like stepping out of one life and stepping back into the other.

Second, I get so relaxed during the weekend that on Mondays I sometimes feel like I am the one driving 50 mph on the motorway. Sloooow!

And now, with all this sunshine outside...

I know many of us feel the same way. That's it, we must accept that Mondays are like this.


Sunday, 22 May 2011


... I know what can be better than a day off: adding two more days to it!

We were doing nothing else than recharging our batteries during this 3-day-weekend. I could have gone to a fair on Sunday to sell my jewelries but I chose to stay at home and relax, then going on a small bicycle trip together with our dogs. It was the first time they had to walk on a leash next to our bikes and they were doing just great.

And weather was perfect throughout the whole weekend, felt like summer is here, oh yes!

So Giulietta... The photo was taken on a car, I will not tell you what kind. But the title "Giulietta" is already a hint...

Friday, 20 May 2011

A Day Off

What can be better than a day off with sunshine, a quiet lake, and good company.

I feel relaxed, even if it is only one day off. I haven't felt like this for such a long time now. No neon lights, no air conditioning, no emails, no typing, no calculations. I wish I had the chance to spend two weeks like this.

Would somebody please tell our government to increase the number of holidays per year per person?


Wednesday, 18 May 2011


It was high time I should name a piece of jewelry Lateralus. What's more, still I am afraid these earrings are not as good as to deserve this name.

Some time ago we received a payrise from the company. I don't know what others first do when they get something as this, I know many people around me were running to shop for clothes. For me the first thing to do was going on Amazon and finally order this album from Tool on an original CD. On Ebay I found an LP with the band's signature but that would have cost me my yearly holiday more or less. As the CD was coming from the US, I had to wait some weeks for it to arrive. When it arrived, I was waiting for the right moment. This is not the kind of music you use for background but you must sit down, turn up the volume, switch off the lights and LISTEN.

Yesterday was the evening for that.

Pure progressive rock symphonies in the darkness.

Listen and watch here if you dare.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I don't know what is happening in the world these days but I bump into nothing else but pregnancy news around me. This is of course nothing bad, on the contrary, it makes me very happy.

It just reminds me of the lines Peter Falk had in Cassavetes' 1974 film, A Woman Under the Influence, when he was talking about the baby boom he experienced around him so suddenly, after years of no babies born.

I know that some of these young Mums and Dads need some support in these moments so let these two necklaces symbolize my wish for you all: that your powers unite and soon you will receive a new baby boy or girl - whenever the time is right. Do not have fear, nature knows what is best for us even when we do not know and will gently direct us all to where we belong just as it will direct your baby where it belongs: to you.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

See you later

For most people a car is nothing more than an object. An object they use (abuse) and then throw away for the next object.

I never felt like that. A car is part of what you show to the world out of yourself. A car can kill you, a car can save your life. A car can give you miserable and expensive visits at the service station, a car can give you a proud smile when you say "well, I never faced any of such problems with mine". A car can even put you in a community - I suppose Alfa Romeo owners are the only ones saying hello to each other on the road in Hungary.

First of all, make a good choice - my "no plastic" slogan is valid here too. Second, take good care of it. Then - love it.

I had a great help at the second point (thank you, Peti!) which, together with the original characteristics of the car itself, made it easy to accomplish the third point: loving it.

Now it seems we must say goodbye or at least say "see you later" to each other as this white beauty moves back to my parents', giving way to another Alfa Romeo. Almost nobody, except for two people around me understood why this made me cry. I hope that my next Alfa will be just as a great friend and companion on my long trips as this "kisalfa" was.

See you later, my friend.

If you want to see some more photos and read a bit more of this super-reliable car, click here.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Sister hoops

This is a guest post of my friend, Orsi.

What to write as a guest?
First of all I was never ever so sophisticated as the Author of this pretty blog. And when she asked me what to write about I said let's write about red-nailed-toes and sommer and sunshine. It's springtime! Sunshine. Happyness. Or something like that.
So am I allowed to write about anything I would like to if she let's me?
Probably YES!
And now? What is she doing? Stands on a chair in front of her wardrobe, thinking what to pack for the weekend AND instructing ME what to write! She also wants to review it. She doesn't know I will write about my red nails.
Actually it is nothing special. As usual. Red. Funny. Just like the earrings and necklaces she makes. The jewelleries I like sooo much. I already have two pair of them and the money I wanted to save for my holiday will be spent for a couple of new stuff. Earrings are the girls best friend!
Although my boyfreind left me last time on front of a bijou shop saying he will start to prepare the lunch for us, he understands my affection. He liked them pretty much on me. Why? Because it was so much me.

I have to finish. She said hurry up. We MUST go and EAT something.
Next time? There will be no next time once I publish it without her review. But never mind, she can write much better than me :)


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Red ceramic beans

My friends have named this pair of earrings countless ways. It seems that the red ceramic pieces remind everybody of something - for some they look like beans.

Today I was at a small birthday party where I also took my treasury chest with me so some items have found their new home again (and this exact pair of earrings got some new names as well). This is lovely news especially considering that I kind of make up for the loss I had thanks to the rain that poured down on us on Sunday just as the fair started to get crowded with people.

But at the same time this means I need to get kick-started again and work on many new items for the next fair! I am not sure when it will take place as this weekend I cannot go to Káptalantóti but I will let you know here in case you would like to come and visit me or the marvellous market itself.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

3 Blogs to Read in May

1. Personal: Egy csepp falusi élet (Hungarian)

Life in the Hungarian countryside (about two steps from where I spend all my weekends) with all its ups and downs. Zsuzsa, the blogger posts frequently and in a lively manner just about everything from their animals to the fresh homemade cow- or goat-cheese she produces.

2. Crafts: Gata Valquira (Portuguese)

Never mind this blog is in Portuguese, just take a look at these wonderfully unique crochet jewelry pieces. Surely you have never seen anything such before. Could just be Alice in Wonderland!

3. Arts: Viajero y sevillista (Spanish)

Why not travel around the world? Or if you can't do that, why not travel around the world with the photos of Martin?

Photo by Martin Coché

Turquoise keys

It is always a lovely moment when one of my creatures find an owner near me, someone I know. It is especially nice when I know I will see my jewelry being worn because the new owner is a person whom I see day to day.

This is what happened today to this piece.

This pair of earrings is made of turquoise - I think it is one of the most beautiful minerals besides tiger's eye.

As for the keys, I bought them maybe two years ago at the Historical Carnival in my hometown, Szombathely, and they were waiting patiently in my medal collection until now.


Monday, 9 May 2011


This won't be a long post as it seems that Blogger does not want to work properly today.

So I decided to just recommend one great contemporary film to you, made in Romania in 2010: Marti, dupa craciun ("Tuesday, After Christmas"). We saw it yesterday and loved it. All very realistic with extremely long cuts it was a bit like sitting in the couple's living room and watch their lives change.

Go and see it if you have the chance.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Rainy (and short) fair

After a Rainy anniversary, today was another similar Sunday with a Rainy fair. Even though the weather forecast predicted sunshine for the Western part of Hungary we got washed away by rain accompanied by a cold wind. The Hungarian forecasts are notoriously unreliable especially since the main Western meteorological station had been shut down so it was no wonder that instead of the warm sunny spring day this was what we experienced. We prepared for a lovely picnic and brought our favourite blanket with us as well, all in vain as we left the market at 10 am.

Early in the morning everything looked bright but the dark clouds came just at the beginning of the fair's peak hours thus making this rather a deficit-producing fair than a worthy one. Despite this, I am not sad or disappointed at all as we had a lot of people around our booth and also made sales right at the beginning. And of course, it was all so much fun again!

After the last fair I thought of making more jewelry for children and this strategy seemed to work today, young ladies got attracted to my new pieces as if they were magnets.

I also made some metal necklaces using the new medals I have just received from Switzerland, I will of course post them here at the blog shortly.

Just like last time, our neighbours were lovely people again: one couple selling antique carpets and housewares and another one on our left side selling home-made cakes. When they had to do some quick shopping I tried to replace them but fortunately they always arrived in time which was important as I had no idea about their pricing so my only task was not to let the customers run away util that. In return we got some apple pie and poppy cake for breakfast.

I hope for some better weather soon so we can return to Káptalantóti!

Thursday, 5 May 2011


I named this bracelet Indy after the lady who helped me at taking the shoot of it. She provided the shadow and secured the location by always standing right next to me.

She is the loveliest little lady puppy and during the week I always miss her so much!

Isn't she just beautiful?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cold heat

Earlier I already showed you a pair of earrings made of howlit: Beautiful technology.

This is another pair made by using this kind of mineral, but dyed in a different color. As far as I know howlit is the name of this mineral only when it is colored, normally it is white and is called "türkinit" in Hungarian, should be something similar in English but I did not find the name anywhere.

This kind of mineral heals problems associated with digestion and relaxed the nervous system. It also contains calcium therefore stimulates the body's hormone and enzime production.

And besides all that, also looks good on you!


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

In the name of recycling

Because recycling is great! Just think about how many reusable stuff we throw out all the time: paper that can be recycled, clothes that could make someone happy, food that could feed hungry children, and yes, this also applies to jewelry.

A good friend of mine offered me the jewelry she does not wear any longer. She collected them in a small bag and I could choose the ones that are not plastic and can be reused. I demounted them and now will reuse the beads and pieces.

This earring contains all bits of different stuff: metal coin, wooden and shell pieces, jaspis mineral fragments and the tiny rounded beads that are carved from real bone and have just been given another chance by getting recycled.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Rainy anniversary - and my first-ever jewelry set!

Yesterday we celebrated an important anniversary with my boyfriend so again we went back to the same place and to the same event as at that first time we met. It is the annual meeting of a car brand with around 20 people from across the country, combined with the 1st of May programs of the small village where it is all organized. The main event is the outside cooking competition which this year took place in unstoppable rain so we all got totally wet and cold but still were having lots of fun. Well, only until we started feeling that now it was really too much of rain and cold. We both came home feeling a bit sick. I drove back to Budapest where I work from Monday till Friday but today I stayed at home to get rid of the fever I have had since last night.

For this special day I am presenting you my first jewelry set! It is not the usual composition because I dislike things that smell from being overcomposed so it is an earrings and bracelet couple, no necklace was made. I was thinking about it but then I imagined all the three pieces worn at the same time - hm, maybe just too much... But I might make a leather necklace using the same items later on as I am sure it would look lovely too.

All the materials are natural as one can be: mineral (turquoise), untreated wood, and metal fragments and beads on an adjustable leather string in the case of the bracelet. For the earrings I also inserted crops painted in the color of dark purple onto the double metal string, which I doubled this time for a strong hold. The wooden bits were drilled on another cold and little bit of sick Sunday, my post from March here.

I am really proud of this as now I feel like I could do something that might be able to reflect the clear beauty of nature itself.