Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A walk in the forest

One month ago we took A walk on the beach together. Now let's go to the forest - it's springtime so this is just what I will be doing for the next few months for sure whenever I can.

There aren't many things better than nature itself. Let's follow the traces of the forest animals, listen to the song of the birds, follow our dogs to find fresh spring-water, watch out for light to find green clearings and then go back under the trees to find peace and silence.

The photos in the collage are from: Orsi Volkai, Peter Nagy and me.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Some places mean more, some places you will always remember. Some places make you sad but teach you a lot, some places show you happiness, some places do all these at the same time.

This is what Getxo was for me, several years ago. Want to know where it is? Not far from Guernica, not far from San Sebastian, but very far from here.

I will go back one day to see the place again where my life took several turns, very slowly, very subtly, almost innoticeably. But it did.

Monday, 28 March 2011


Tonight we saw another great movie (hey, I haven't told you about movies for such a long time now!) called Haevnen, directed by Susanne Bier from Denmark. It depicts two different worlds and mentalities collide, in the end of the film producing a winner of these. The African scenes were shot in Kenya.

So in honour of this Oscar-winning movie I call today's necklace the Kenya necklace.

As just another piece of natural jewelry made by me, the main material is wood, mixed with tiger's eye. Can't help it, it is one of my favourite minerals I guess. Ladies, because I know many of us like pink, not only the bigger beads are pink but if you look at it closely you will find some more tiny little pink cubes hiding there like little candies to put a smile on our face and some color in the world.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Beautiful technology

Yes, technology can be beautiful. When it is real technology and not just the imitation of it. When a car is made of metal and not plastic just as an amplifier that is made of metal and not plastic. When it is for moments or hours of providing you every beat and detail of quality music, when you can sit down and each time discover a new sound in your favourite song, when it gives you the freedom to just listen to quality music instead of being only fit for background whatever-is-on-is-OK radio humming.

Good old metal amplifiers are there with you for a lifetime.

And then, when you have the chance and find something even better on Ebay or in a small second-hand hifi corner in yout town, you are free to pass it on to the next generation of quality music lovers.


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Old-new me

I had to do it, I was so fed up and bored with my long hair and at the same time I felt like something was wrong. I made this necklace last weekend but now that I show it to you I must call it the "Old-new me necklace" because today is the day when I got back my old-new me. Old, because I already had very short hair in the past. New, because for many years now I have had long hair and I was satisfied with it, until one certain moment came.

Sometimes a feeling comes, I make up my mind and make a change which is not necessarily a change in hairstyle like this time but could be almost any kind of change. It is a matter of just some hours or days. And then I am so happy I did it!

Wanna see it? Come and visit me in Bálint-ház, Budapest, 3 April - next Sunday between 10 am and 4 pm at the small design fair!


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bracelet alliance - Part 3.

Such a long time since I last presented a bracelet here so high time I did it again.

Christmas was long time ago too but as you see, it is not that easy to collect all the bracelet alliance pieces. One "member" was presented here and the other here later on.

The one I show you today was made for the same person who has been proposed when she was wearing my necklace for the first time (story here). The main theme of the wedding will be green, just like it is the main color of the bracelet she got from me.

Note the ring on her finger as well!


Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Ágnes has her own ideas, she knows what she wants - from me. And when it is done, not many people can you see more happy than her. Remember the cherries earrings? She is the owner.

This time again it was earrings. I had to adjust them a bit as I felt like the original idea would be too heavy for the ear especially on the long strings but she felt OK with my changes. And then as I left my desk and I was coming back, I found a box with "somlói" (a Hungarian dessert) inside with a thank-you-note sticked on top of the box. So nice!

You see, it's small things that matter in life. We should never forget this.


Monday, 21 March 2011

Oh So Loved

For all my Hungarian readers (and those who are not Hungarian but fancy a trip to Budapest, why not ;) ) I have some exciting news: I will attend the Design Fair as an individual seller, taking place in Bálint Ház, 3 April 2011 (Sunday). Check out the site here to discover the rest of the free or discounted programs: fintess classes, concerts, talk shows and much more within the framework of the weekend-long spring festival called Nyitni Kék.

I will bring all the unsold items which I have not yet put on sale anywhere else, most of them are brand new and still smell of raw wood...

So if you see anything not made on order and that you can already clearly imagine on yourself, you can find me there, maybe that piece is only waiting for you!

As an example see here a pair of earrings, using the oh-so-loved lotus flowers.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

One minute for Japan

Please take a moment and think about those who have lost their homes, families, jobs, or even towns while you are reading this blogpost in your warm living room/office. Think about those who now have nothing and might even lose more. Think about those who live on one of Earth's most geologically unstable area, who have built their homes, learn and work there, raise their children, look after their elder.

If you are ready to do more, please click here to see the options you have at donating.

Ha magyar vagy és segíteni szeretnél, a Vöröskereszt útján itt megteheted. Az információk nem teljesen naprakészek, de a szándék itt garantáltan tiszta.


Friday, 18 March 2011


It was raining today. Almost everybody was complaining but to me the changing of seasons is so amazing that I was actually happy to see rain instead of dry cold let alone snow. Rain is the start of spring, the start of a new life. Even if we have to stay inside the house for these few days I am happy about this.

Because then, soon, the sun will shine again and everything will be in bloom - I can't wait!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The color of friendship

Soon I'll be a bridesmaid first time in my life! And guess what, we will dress in green. It is not my wedding though and yet I am so excited - not about the formalities or the event itself but the things that are the basis of all this, the love they share, the passion, and of course, what will make me become a bridesmaid: friendship.

We met under quite funny circumstances five years ago. During these years so many things have changed and we have changed a lot too.

This is what I was thinking about when making these earrings today. Something simple, something colorful, something unique - just like our friendship.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Powder dust

I used to have a necklace that I loved and that went perfectly with almost any outfit but years ago I tore it. I planned to fix it but never actually did. Now I am recycling it, this earring is the first one created out of these white mineral beads. The pink beads are of course made of wood.

The rest of the photos of the collage are works of David Hamilton, Patrick Shaw and Patrick Demarchelier. Dresses by Atelier Versace (from here), Monique Lhuillier and Juliana Jabour. I hope you get the feeling of this earring with the help of these wonderful dresses...


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Step into the world

Some of these beads have been waiting so long that my heart was aching every time I looked at them in my bead collection. Now it was their time.

In my first post here I already mentioned that green is my favourite color. No wonder that this time again I built up the necklace around one single green bead, made of ceramic.

The best advice I ever got or read anywhere was not to create average stuff for average people because that is not what I am supposed to do. I have been thinking about this advice for the last days and I try to incorporate it into my works as much as possible.

I am sure that anyone willing to buy and wear handmade jewelry cannot be average, for they could as well buy plastic jewelry in Tesco which could still look good - but never unique or valuable. There is so much to discover in the world as well as in ourselves that we just cannot stop at any point in our life to develop in this process and we should never be afraid to get deep into what and who we really are - opposed to what and who the people and the world wants us to be seen. You just cannot spend too much time or energy on this. Be brave, step out of that circle you live in, step into the world, step into your world and find out what is there!

Normally I love delicate and bold jewelry too but I prefer bold pieces. This wooden necklace is an example for that.

I will put it on sale soon hoping that its new owner will wear it in good health and that my necklace will make her a little bit more herself: a braver, less average self.


Monday, 14 March 2011


We are having holidays in Hungary, a kind of long weekend and the extra treat is the wonderful spring weather which keeps us out of the house as long as the sun is up. Nature is in the process of waking up, the forests are full of blooming early-spring flowers and it was time for us to clean the garden of all the remains of the winter too - but only after wandering in the nearby forests with our dogs yesterday.

These days inspired today's wholly natural earring with a bit of ethnic touch. It ends with a little leaf motif made of mineral. All the rest of the beads are wooden ones.

And a diferent kind of (sad) news: I had an external attack on the blog which made it unavailable for about a day. I could recover everything but this episode again makes me even more convinced that our world is going in a wrong direction somehow and destruction gains more ground than it should, even on such a small scale as a natural jewelry craft blog. Sorry from everyone who tried to access the blog in vain during these hours, I am happy to have you back here!


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Golden sunset

This is the first piece that was made using one of the drilled wooden bits we prepared last weekend. I hope therefore that not only its golden shades but the love also shines through it.

I took the photo in the delicate light of the sunset in the house's garden in the Hungarian countryside. Everything is gold here: the shade of the wooden piece (achieved by a special spray), the color of the shell, the golden brown shades of the tiger's eye pieces, and the wonderful natural lights too.

This is truly a piece of natural jewelry to be put on sale soon.


Friday, 11 March 2011

I love you, pink giraffes!

I will tell you today about my profile photo and the earring I am wearing of course.

The picture was taken on a summer afternoon in Keszthely, a lovely lakeside town in Hungary where I spent my usual yearly holiday with my friends. Those days it was seven of us, nowadays it is "only" four. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, just whatever many times happens among friends - it was maybe too many of us and we set off for different directions in our life I guess so we split. It was one of the best things that has happened in our friendship. I know it might sound weird, but the four of us never had such an intimate relationship before, we never saw each other so often and never had such great and honest times together.

As for the earrings, it is a typical story again: I saw the pink wooden giraffes and I just had to make earrings out of them. They pop out no matter what you wear them with, they color up any outfit and are superlight.

I love you, pink giraffes!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I love wood as material no matter what the end product is, furniture or jewelry or anything else. I love the touch of it, the warmth, and love to know that it is a gift from nature.

With leather sometimes I get contradictory feelings. It is natural but still, in most of the cases we must commit violence in order to get it.

Here I combined a lot of wood with a leather string of adjustable length, added a shell pendant and the tiny metal bear to bring some playfulness into the piece. Because the owner is a playful and very girly girl who at the same time can be really serious and give you just the best advice. I hope that the necklace reflects her dual personality.


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

YES to the Pink razor

Remember the Looong necklace?

Well, last week I had a request for a similar, but wilder piece personally from Pink, the singer herself. OK, she is my friend and she was Pink only for that one night (when I was Lady Gaga...) but still, it was an honour and a pleasure, even by the given tight deadline.

And by then I didn't know yet just how important this night would be - her boyfriend proposed and she said YES!

Congratulations to our friends: Szera and Laga!

And Ladies, be careful: my jewelry has supernatural power!


Monday, 7 March 2011


This weekend I had the chance to step a bit out of who I am and be somebody else. Not a different person 'cause it was still me but in the clothes of somebody else I was able to discover somebody else too inside of me. Tired of the fast lane, tired a bit of the same office, same email program, same faces every day, this was the best thing to happen.

We were at a masquerade party and I dressed up as Lady Gaga - don't ask what I was wearing...

This one evening gave me such a push, a big portion of creative power. Today I could hardly wait to get home and start working, I had so many new ideas in my head. Even though I made two earrings and one necklace I still feel like I could go on making jewelry for hours more tonight.

Here is one of the earrings I made: a pretty little ladylike piece for those who love rockabilly - or at least love being a young woman.


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday drilling

Last week and the week before I collected lots of crops or pieces and chips of wood, some at a Christmas sale at one of my favourite crafts shop. They put on sale all the things they considered useable only around Christmas to decorate the house. But in fact these stuff will make perfect for my jewelry ideas.

Here is a photo of our afternoon with my boyfriend this Sunday. I had the usual migraine that I have been suffering from for a very long time so we stayed inside and he drilled a lot of raw material for me while I was sitting there next to the fireplace and watched him work with the dogs sleeping at our feet.

I can't wait to use all these, I've got loads of ideas to be realized!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


The person who got this necklace also got a song from me. I think this is a beautiful one though I couldn't sing it as beautifully as Sebestyén Márta does, and the tears in Annamaria's eyes did not make it easier either. Unfortunately there is even a video recording of my "performance".

Here is the necklace and here is the lyrics of the song - it is in Hungarian, sorry. But for all those who would like to listen, I also insert the song itself at the end of this post. If you have a heart for it you don't even need to understand the lyrics (although it is beautiful), you will feel the flow anyway.

Azt gondoltam eső esik
Pedig a szemem könnyezik
Az én szemem sűrű felhő,
S onnan ver engem az eső.

2. Gyere rózsám békélünk meg,
Mi egymásnak engedjünk meg
||: Mindig voltak kik így jártak, mind megengedtek egymásnak :||

||: Nyújtsad kezed, bár egy felet, bár még egy szót szóljak veled :||
||: Nyújtsad kezed keresztesem,
Búcsúzzunk el örökösen :||

||: Úgy fáj az én gyönge szívem, nem tudom tied fáj e vagy nem :||
Fáj is annak, mit tudsz tenni,
Mikor ennek így kell lenni,
Ha a tied úgy tud fájni,
Soha sem tudunk megválni.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Hello, goodbye!

Life is nothing more than a series of changes. Life evolves this way. Nothing remains unchanged, not even our oceans, our mountains. Things come and go. People come and go. And when they go, you say goodbye.

Sometimes you don't even realize they go, they are just gone when you raise your head and look around. Did they leave something behind or is it just the smoke of their cigarette still lingering in the air?

It's relieving to say goodybe in the way that you can still leave something behind or give something in return for the moments of your life that you have passed together. It's important to give and not just to take.

And then, it might even turn out that the goodbye was just a hello.