Monday, 11 April 2011

La Kukac on Etsy

Today finally I had the chance to update my brand new shop at Etsy.

As you know, I am not doing this thing in search of money or fame, I just feel like I can create something in the field of jewelry that might be new to many people while I feel good when making these things. I am trying to incorporate my passion and love for nature into everything that I make with my own two hands and sometimes it takes time, sometimes it takes more money than would if I mainly used plastic components.

I truly believe that the most beautiful things on Earth are natural. We, humans are flooding our world with more and more plastic and artificial stuff every day, with things we don't use, we waste energy and cut trees when all we should do is just switch off the lights and open the window.

If you like any of the pieces I make, just click on the link above to visit my shop. If you have opinion about this or any other topic, let me know by sending me comments - positive or negative can both come. Or if you just want to tell me you liked any of the posts or pieces of jewelry, just continue clicking on the "Like" button and you will make me plain happy!


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