Monday, 28 February 2011

A lively brooch

Green and purple - two colors that people don't usually think of as matching. But when they are paired in the right shade they can do wonders, it's the celebration of colors!

My favourite is green: light green, moss green, grass green, bluish green, "winsor" green (as I read it somewhere)... It is a very lively color and no wonder as it is also the color of life itself. Purple can be very clean and very dirty too. Here I linked the two shades with the silver bead, also a cold tone of the color palette.

I would love to see more color on people, we tend to be so boring in this sense, especially in winter. Everybody has at least one color that would bring the best out of them, go find it and wear it!

About the brooch itself: after doing all the preparation it was really fun sewing it, I just had to think well about it beforehand to have everything needed and to go step by step. It is really just a question of planning ahead. I want to make another one sometime and then publish a tutorial here so you can also make your brooch at home if you have the patience for it.


Sunday, 27 February 2011

3 Blogs to read in March

1. Cause: Fogadj örökbe! (Hungarian)

Dejke is an abandoned and mistreated dog - nothing unusual so far. But some people found her and decided to give her another chance, her big chance in life and heal her physical and mental scars. The story is beautiful, the road is long, the blog is a must-read. Come and support this family in their daily tasks around a dog that needs to learn how to trust people again.

2. Film: The Film Sufi (English)
I would love to write another post on movies every day but this is not my main focus and there are people who can do it much better than me. Fortunate as it is, they also watch good films. The Film Sufi is one of them.

3. Arts: Artista Blog (English/Hungarian)
Are you still a kid deep inside? (I think I am...) Do you have children in the house who love teddy bears and dragons? Then this blog is worth visiting once in a while. Írisz Agócs, the Hungarian illustrator posts her drawings here - and I am proud to tell you that she illustrated the Christmas gift cards I gave to my family in 2010!

© Agócs Írisz

Fruzsina had a dream

Something metal, something feminine, something like a statement. Her boyfriend told me about it here.

So I made it - a bit shorter than the looong version, a bit softer with the key medal instead of the scissors, and a bit jingly thanks to the tiny bell next to the two medals. Length is adjustable.


Thursday, 24 February 2011

A walk on the beach

La Kukac wanted to feel some summer breeze today.

Walk on the beach, feel the sand between your toes, step on tiny shells, hear the fishermen from the distance, see as the sea and the sky become one on the horizon, feel the smell of the seawater, step into it and on the small pebbles at the bottom, walk along the shore, going nowhere. Look up and see nothing else but the light brown sand and the light blue sea.

This necklace is the way I made this dream come true today.

Made of wood and another lovely mineral: a kind of jasper or jaspis (képjáspis in Hungarian). It is a semi-precious stone. Said to relieve the feeling of guilt, bring us closer to the past and to the earth and cleanses the kindeys, while at the same time strengthens the stamina.

For whoever believes in astrology, this mineral fits mostly the Capricorn and the Taurus as these are earthy, solid signs which the jaspis helps to develop and deepen their inner good qualities.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Eating cherries with Marvin

The piece I present today was made for an order - my colleague (another again) knew what she wanted and asked me to make it for her. She told me that when she was a kid she used to put cherries onto her ears and she wanted something similar.

This earring reminded me of a very pleasant and heart-warming memory of mine. Two years ago I was kind of a freelancer for a while. It was summer and I spent much time at my boyfriend’s house. He has a nice garden and whenever I could, I stood up from the computer and stayed outside for a little sunbath, reading newspapers or books and playing with Marvin, who was still a puppy that time. There is a cherry tree in the garden and I remember standing underneath, picking cherries with Marvin at my feet, collecting whatever fell down or was thrown away by me. We stayed silent and nothing special happened but this is such a lovely memory to me: eating cherries in the summertime garden with Marvin. This is a photo of Marvin from this time:


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

"[...] don’t shine like your possessions do"

One day we will all discover that the little things are the greatest, that small gestures tell more than big words, that any moment in life is worth living just because it is a moment in life, our life in one single moment. One day we will discover that we do not need to wait for this one day or any day in the future.

The title of this post is a sentence of a 2004 Faithless song which I was listening to while making this pair of earring. I haven’t heard this album for such a long time but just by listening to it the certainty struck me that putting a little piece of my soul into such a small piece of jewelry makes sense, just as the smallest things in life are the ones that truly make any sense.

Combines some of the goods provided by our earth: a heart-shaped piece of shell, tufa, and metal.


Monday, 21 February 2011

A different you

Why can't we be as beautiful as we wish to, every day? Why can't we wear the most glamorous clothes we can, every day? Why couldn't I dress in a million colours or into sheer black, every day? Why not wear the glitziest, the most jingling scarf, every day, any day?

Why can't we be as beautiful and free as we are, just as we are, deep inside?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Ugly - but still only raw

Below in the picture you can see the new raw material for my works. I have no idea what this really is, I picked and collected them some weeks ago during an excursion with my boyfriend and the two dogs in the nearby forest. They were all under a certain tree which unfortunately I do not know.

As you see, they are already drilled - thanks Peti!

I know, they don't really look nice at the moment, but believe me, after cleansing them thoroughfully and giving them some protecting lacquer coat, they will just look wonderful on a necklace coming soon!

In case anyone knows what these are, please let me know!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

A thing of the past

I was not sure to make this earring or not. Actually, after taking the photos I already dismantled the whole thing. I don't know why but something didn't seem OK to me. So I just show it to you as a thing of the past :) After all, not all my works need to be perfect, this is a long learning path!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Last Sunday evening I had one of the greatest movie experiences this year so far. Ever since I wanted to share it with you but did not have the time to tell you about it properly. I say properly because this film has so many implications and combines so deep individual and social issues that I wanted to be more thoroughful about it. So I made some research too and read through several interviews with the director, the Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi.

The film I saw is Offside, released in 2006 and the winner of the top prize at the Berlin film festival. It is not the first strong movie from the author: he is the director of "The Circle" (2000) and "Crimson Gold" (2003), both of them banned in Iran.

Jafar Panahi’s film career began when he worked as assistant director on Abbas Kiarostami's Through the Olive Trees (1994). Their later work, The White Balloon (1995), won the Camera d’Or at Cannes.

The story in a nutshell: a couple of young women dress as men and try to sneak their way (each of them using different techniques beside the cross-dressing) into Tehran’s Azadi Stadium to watch a World Cup qualifying match between Iran and Bahrain. Why they dress as men and why all the masquerade? According to a law “passed” after the 1979 Islamic revolution, women are forbidden from watching live football matches. This is not written in the law of Iran, this is a kind of unwritten law that everybody needs to respect. The reasoning behind this says that women should not be exposed to the swearing that they would hear from the male audience at the stadiums, but another point made by the ulema recently is that it is not correct for women to see men with bare arms and legs, which necessarily happens at football matches.

This film is their story: how they try to get in the stadium, how they get caught if they do, and what happens to them once they are arrested. It could be simple story-telling but the director combined so much intelligence, humanity and humor at the same time that it could easily make one of the best movies I will have seen in 2011. I feel so lucky that I have this movie in my collection. I laughed, I was excited and curious about what was going to happen, and at the same time got a view into one of the most complicated social structures currently existing.

The film was inspired by the occasion when Mr Panahi wanted to go to a match together with his then twelve-year-old daughter, who, now easy to guess, was not allowed to get in. She told her father to go inside until she waits for him outside. But not long after she showed up next to her father watching the game. She never explained how she managed to sneak in.

The curiosity about the movie is that things happen real-time: the event is real and the actors are amateurs. The takes are very long. Because the event was real, only half of the script was in place at the time of shooting the film, the other half of it depended on the outcome of the game. The movie is somewhere between documentary and fiction. The young man playing the soldier was an ordinary young man from Tabriz, the girls university students, but all very passionate about soccer.

In the film itself they are also not just soldiers and fans. In Iran, army service is mandatory when men turn 18. So the conscripts are not really representatives of the government, they are also from the people. The girls therefore also do not only look at them as soldiers but also as their fellow citizens and are very understanding about their problems and life stories. As Jafar Panahi puts it: „Both the soldiers and the girls are trapped within social restrictions and the kind of discrimination that is exposed in the movie affects all of them and has consequences throughout society. That’s why, when there are protest rallies regarding women’s rights, you see the presence of Iranian men as well. It shows that they sympathize with women and join their voices to that contest.” In Panahi’s films people are never perfectly immaculate or deeply rotten, his view is truly humanistic and eager to show what lies beneath the network of society. This is an element that is presented in The Circle and also in Offside. In both films the gender question plays a major part in the sense that women are as much the parts of society as men and should be treated this way, but Panahi does not fall into the mistake of depicting them as pure angels. In Offside we see the strong young woman acting almost just like a man and at the same time we see the religious girl who gives herself up before the police would search her in the fear of being touched, or who wears the chador but still, would like to go and see the game live in the stadium. As the director says: “I believe that it is the greatest insult to women that they have to deny their identity as women and have to dress as men to take part in society.”

The other curiosity about the film itself is that as a banned filmmaker, Mr. Panahi faces more obstacles at his work than most directors. For each film he needs to work out a trick to fool the authorities, tricks that can only be applied once. At Offside he submitted a script covering the story of some boys who go to a match. Police did not raise any obstacles but the Ministry of Guidance (the one approving film releases) objected to it referring to the previous, disliked works of the author. Mr. Panahi totally rejects censorship: “I have always said I would never let anyone change one frame. That's my belief. If I censor myself in that way the movies won't be mine. ” The director definitely wanted the film to be out before the World Cup so time was running short. Finally, Offside was banned but only two days had to pass until Iranians had the DVD copies. Fortunately in Iran only the director and the producers can be banned, the actors do not get into trouble.

If you are used to Iranian filmmaking, you know that these movies leave more to the interpretation of the viewer itself and do not tell you too straight a kind of truth or opinion about the world.

Yet there is a message. “We are not trying to fight against anybody or challenge anybody with our films. All we want to do is raise a social issue. We want to tell those in government that there is this problem so at least they can think more deeply about it. We want to persuade them that there are more rational ways of tackling and dealing with these problems than sheer restriction or ignoring them.” – these are the words of the director, who classifies himself as a “socially committed filmmaker” deliberately not making political films not to “put an expiration date” on them. And what he believes and thinks about the future of Iran? “I firmly believe that our people are civilized people and educated and intelligent enough to start to fight for their own rights, and to satisfy their own needs.” Maybe this is why Offside is an optimistic movie.

And one more thing I was really happy to know about the author: his favorite film is the „Bicycle Thieves” from Vittorio De Sica.

If you have not seen any of the two films: Offside and Bicycle Thieves, do it NOW.

(Interviews that I used were originally conducted and published by:,, – the best interview of all of them -,

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The looong metal necklace

Sometimes I still feel like I can't figure out what exactly makes people excited about my jewelry and what they don't really find interesting.

The story about this necklace was also a surprise for me yesterday. I don't wear it very often as I prefer warmer materials but this goes with some office outfit so I wore it yesterday. One of my colleagues came to me and asked where I got it from, he said his girlfriend has been trying to find something similar for ages but did not see any affordable and quality piece. So I told I made it and if he would like, I can make one for his lady too. The funny thing is that if not for this event, I would have never thought of posting this necklace here, I just forgot it exists and that actually I made it.

As you see, it is all metal: the double (and extremely long) string and the medals as well. People love to comment on the medals, they find out all kinds of stories why I paired the wing with the scissors.

I guess most people would prefer it a bit shorter, for me its length adds a bit to its speciality.

So, this is the next order in line - with a shorter string and different medals of course.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Winter earring

Today I compiled a shopping list before going to my usual jewelry supply shops. I was already running out of time as they were almost closing (I don't know why they close so early, at 6PM) and I had to come out of both of them without having the most important things in my hands. So I searched further and found a really great store nearby. The staff were nice and friendly, even when I entered two minutes before 6, and I found all the things I was looking for and even more! Fortunately there was not much time left to take a look around, otherwise I'm afraid I would have spent more than just whatever was on my shopping list.

But these earrings were not made today. As you see, they are also winter creatures. Again I used the lotus flower as the basis and added everything else to it. I think that paired with a matching colour and material this little crop sells just about anything - so light, so special, so feminine.

Here it is - another photo taken with the help of my two lovely (and kind of hairy) assistants: Marvin and Indy.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

An announcement

On this windy Saturday I thought about showing you one of my very early works. It again combines two of my favourite colours: green and white. This pair of earring can be worn as a statement, no other big jewelry needed if you want to keep it low-key but you can still add up a bold bracelet or necklace to it to create a more ethnic look (the kind I just LOVE).

It is not heavy but due to the size of the beads it is not the lightest wear either. You will notice it's there.

And a piece of good news: some days, maybe around two weeks ago I announced here that I decided for my ears to tolerate earrings again. For the last couple of months for an unknown reason they started to turn against my earring-mania and I could not wear any without my ears getting red by noon. I still don't know the reason. But I am happy to report here that my decision somehow just worked and I can again wear earrings! Isn't it wonderful how our inner self can control our body? Maybe I should try the same with my migraine...

Thursday, 10 February 2011


It hasn't got much to do with jewelry, but it has a lot to do with the blog so let me share an impression with you. I was checking my statistics and I was so happy to see that Firefox and Chrome have won over IE among the browsers that my visitors use! Of course we have some users on Safari and other mobile browsers as well, but these two browsers are the winners and IE is just the third. I have been a Chrome fan ever since I first used it at my friend, Gréti. Before that I browsed with Firefox, not bad either, but Chrome is a huge step ahead. Thanks Gréti!

The silk bracelet

I don't have many bracelets and as you see, it is not the main thing I usually make. But the ones I have are really bold pieces sometimes and they can make a whole outfit - you put on a black top and a bracelet that stands out and that's it. The same goes to earrings of course, but bracelets are sometimes more visible.

So I made this one to have a feminine black piece. I have a black one, my roommate with whom I was living together in Italy left it in the flat after moving out which means it is not really "mine".

The beads you see here are made of the usual stuff: ceramic and wood. The double thread is textile and silk. This one goes best with a suit or a simple blazer, I wore it only once so far matched with a white blazer.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Some of my faves

Three of my favourite materials here: wood, ceramic and shell. Two of my favourite colours: green and beige. And in the background: one of my favourite scarves, from Mexico. If I ever go back there I will buy it in every colour combination that exists, for sure.


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

From Bozsomati

When celebrating Christmas 2010 I received a very special present from one of my friends (the one of the three who got the bracelets from me). It was hand-made by her sister, the blogger Bozsomati. I would like to show it to you on this blog as it is very closely related to my jewelry-making hobby.

It is a medium sized pouch for my beadworking. As you see below, when you open it up it has little pockets inside, each of which contains a little bottle to be used for beadworking supplies. I keep my stoppers, hooks, and other supplies and accessories here. As you see it has also some space for a small box with all the smallest wooden beads I use. It comes really handy as I travel every weekend so I can just throw it into my luggage with some other small bags containing all the beads and accessories.

This was one of the best gifts I have ever been given and I was so lucky to get something truly hand-made especially for me.

I hope you like it too. In case you would like to see more of Bozsomati's works, you can always check out her (Hungarian) blog under the links on the left side of this page. She is working mainly with textile but if you think this means only bags and blankets, you will be surprised just for how many different purposes this material can be used!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Something special

This earring will be a present for somebody who does not know about this blog yet. She is a person who has taught me a lot, maybe more than anybody else whom I have worked with, but of course at the same time she has also given me quite difficult moments over the time we have known each other. But there is a reason why I don't want to talk about this person here. I might tell you later about it, when she already has the chance to follow my blog...

I planned something different for her but when I saw the shell beads in the shop I could not resist and I immediately knew they would be for her. So I did not buy more of this kind of bead to make sure that what I create from them is truly unique.

The method to make this pair was a bit more difficult than making an ordinary earring. I definitely wanted to make the circle over the end so I needed the string to be flexible yet strong enough not to bend the way it should not. So I doubled the string and made the circles using a sample. Hopefully they will keep the form.

The tiny white beads are made of glass, they come from the Czech Republic. Earlier here and there I have already worked with glass but I am just discovering this material for the moment.

I still don't know when I have the chance to hand over this present but I can tell you I am really curious if the recipient will like them.


Sunday, 6 February 2011

Another member of the alliance

Do you remember my post Bracelet alliance? There I told you about four similar bracelets I made for Christmas, for my three friends and myself.

The one you see here is another piece of this tiny collection, with the main shade in pale blue and silver. The beads are of course made of ceramic again. The owner is "R", the same girl who got this necklace. As you see, in my eyes she is a light blue lady even though this is not the only colour she wears of course, but for me this is the shade that best suits her.


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Philosophy to the eye

Things can always get worse and they do. Accordingly, my days are getting harder and harder with disturbing news every day. So I do not feel the strength to create anything new today and even though I have several old works to still share with you, I prefer to show some photos that might tell you what I get inspired by, places and cultures that I feel close to, philosophy of life that I can identify with - basically photos that tell you who I am inside.

Some photos have been taken by me, some by others. I credit the photographer wherever I can but as these pictures are part of my photo collection dating back long time ago, most of the times I did not save the author back then.

In the unexpected case that any of the authors gets here and would not like their photo to be presented, please contact me and I will remove it immediately.

I don't want to tell you what is where - try to find out if you wish. But maybe it is better to just look and feel than to know exactly.

By Jeffrey Becom

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Eye of the tiger

This was a really hard day - again. But coming home and starting to work on a new piece is always a relief and I feel relaxed - as much as it is possible in the given circumstances.

But the one I show you today was not made today. Actually I have already worn it and I was very happy when someone recognized the mineral at first glance: tiger's eye! I came through this mineral at the shop and loved it so decided to make something out of it for myself, as a present or such.

Not much to say about it, simple design again, very light wear, totally unnoticeable to the wearer. And of course, the coin is there!