Friday, 23 September 2011

All that You Have

It's been a while since I last posted anything here. During these weeks and months I experienced death and birth of all kinds (do you remember this post?). People died, relationships died and futures died. But as in life there is always birth, the deaths of the soul are also followed by magnificient rebirths - if you let them happen, only if you don't resist too hard to die first.

This blog might not be the same ever again as what it used to be.

What I am experiencing now is the total freedom of the mind which brings about the peace of the soul. I have taken a huge sack off my shoulders and started to breathe again and now all I can see around me is freedom and the beauty of it. This is the greatest feeling of all. Today I got up earlier and I was standing on my balcony. There was still a morning mist in the air and I was looking over the roofs and streets beneath. Such a long time since I last felt this total lightness and peace of all that was inside of me. So many things we lose on the road. So many worthless things. And there is only one thing we must preserve and keep safe: our soul. All my problems ceased to exist, all the pain is gone, the dead one is buried and all I see is flowers on the tomb while I know I still have the most important thing one can have: myself.

But don't listen to me, listen to Tracy Chapman instead... "Hunger only for a taste of justice / Hunger only for a world of truth"

by Shane Rucker