Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The warm necklace

This is not the first nor the last necklace I have ever made but definitely my favourite so far.

I had the bow for a long time but never thought of it as material for a necklace until I was sitting at my desk on a cold winter evening and was browsing through my beads looking for inspiration. So I looked at the bow - and suddenly knew what to do. Making it was real fun, maybe exactly because I had no certain idea before actually starting to make it. The big coin fell off one of my bellydance scarves, the small coin you already know from the previous post. The small mug is a precious memory from the Historical Carnival of my town, in August last year. There was this guy selling all kind of metal beads and medals, you just couldn't choose!

So the result is this: a warm, soft necklace with a lot of love and fun!

Amd this is how it all looked on me the next day:

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