Tuesday, 22 February 2011

"[...] don’t shine like your possessions do"

One day we will all discover that the little things are the greatest, that small gestures tell more than big words, that any moment in life is worth living just because it is a moment in life, our life in one single moment. One day we will discover that we do not need to wait for this one day or any day in the future.

The title of this post is a sentence of a 2004 Faithless song which I was listening to while making this pair of earring. I haven’t heard this album for such a long time but just by listening to it the certainty struck me that putting a little piece of my soul into such a small piece of jewelry makes sense, just as the smallest things in life are the ones that truly make any sense.

Combines some of the goods provided by our earth: a heart-shaped piece of shell, tufa, and metal.



  1. I can see the music makes you more creativ. People should listen good music more.

  2. Good music, good movies, good books, good food, good company! :)