Monday, 7 February 2011

Something special

This earring will be a present for somebody who does not know about this blog yet. She is a person who has taught me a lot, maybe more than anybody else whom I have worked with, but of course at the same time she has also given me quite difficult moments over the time we have known each other. But there is a reason why I don't want to talk about this person here. I might tell you later about it, when she already has the chance to follow my blog...

I planned something different for her but when I saw the shell beads in the shop I could not resist and I immediately knew they would be for her. So I did not buy more of this kind of bead to make sure that what I create from them is truly unique.

The method to make this pair was a bit more difficult than making an ordinary earring. I definitely wanted to make the circle over the end so I needed the string to be flexible yet strong enough not to bend the way it should not. So I doubled the string and made the circles using a sample. Hopefully they will keep the form.

The tiny white beads are made of glass, they come from the Czech Republic. Earlier here and there I have already worked with glass but I am just discovering this material for the moment.

I still don't know when I have the chance to hand over this present but I can tell you I am really curious if the recipient will like them.


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