Sunday, 20 February 2011

Ugly - but still only raw

Below in the picture you can see the new raw material for my works. I have no idea what this really is, I picked and collected them some weeks ago during an excursion with my boyfriend and the two dogs in the nearby forest. They were all under a certain tree which unfortunately I do not know.

As you see, they are already drilled - thanks Peti!

I know, they don't really look nice at the moment, but believe me, after cleansing them thoroughfully and giving them some protecting lacquer coat, they will just look wonderful on a necklace coming soon!

In case anyone knows what these are, please let me know!


  1. Ez a gubacs. Növényen fejlődő szövetszaporulat, amely azért jön létre, hogy a benne fejlődő kártevő védetten tudjon fejlődni. EZ lehet darázs, atka, vírus, baktérium. Ezt jól megmondtam? Ami már leesett a földre, abban már nincs semmi. Úgy tudom.

  2. Köszi! Igen, a növényhatározó szerint is ami leesett, az már bevégezte. Még szerencse :)