Friday, 11 March 2011

I love you, pink giraffes!

I will tell you today about my profile photo and the earring I am wearing of course.

The picture was taken on a summer afternoon in Keszthely, a lovely lakeside town in Hungary where I spent my usual yearly holiday with my friends. Those days it was seven of us, nowadays it is "only" four. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, just whatever many times happens among friends - it was maybe too many of us and we set off for different directions in our life I guess so we split. It was one of the best things that has happened in our friendship. I know it might sound weird, but the four of us never had such an intimate relationship before, we never saw each other so often and never had such great and honest times together.

As for the earrings, it is a typical story again: I saw the pink wooden giraffes and I just had to make earrings out of them. They pop out no matter what you wear them with, they color up any outfit and are superlight.

I love you, pink giraffes!

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