Monday, 21 March 2011

Oh So Loved

For all my Hungarian readers (and those who are not Hungarian but fancy a trip to Budapest, why not ;) ) I have some exciting news: I will attend the Design Fair as an individual seller, taking place in Bálint Ház, 3 April 2011 (Sunday). Check out the site here to discover the rest of the free or discounted programs: fintess classes, concerts, talk shows and much more within the framework of the weekend-long spring festival called Nyitni Kék.

I will bring all the unsold items which I have not yet put on sale anywhere else, most of them are brand new and still smell of raw wood...

So if you see anything not made on order and that you can already clearly imagine on yourself, you can find me there, maybe that piece is only waiting for you!

As an example see here a pair of earrings, using the oh-so-loved lotus flowers.


  1. It's the time! I hope you will meet a lot of people who likes the nice things. Everythings come to light. Hurray!!!