Saturday, 26 March 2011

Old-new me

I had to do it, I was so fed up and bored with my long hair and at the same time I felt like something was wrong. I made this necklace last weekend but now that I show it to you I must call it the "Old-new me necklace" because today is the day when I got back my old-new me. Old, because I already had very short hair in the past. New, because for many years now I have had long hair and I was satisfied with it, until one certain moment came.

Sometimes a feeling comes, I make up my mind and make a change which is not necessarily a change in hairstyle like this time but could be almost any kind of change. It is a matter of just some hours or days. And then I am so happy I did it!

Wanna see it? Come and visit me in Bálint-ház, Budapest, 3 April - next Sunday between 10 am and 4 pm at the small design fair!


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