Thursday, 7 April 2011

3 Blogs to Read in April

1. Cause: Vizsla Napló (Hungarian)

This is the blog of a Hungarian humane society working mainly with one dog breed: vizsla. They save the dogs and try to find new homes for them. Please help these wonderful vizslas to discover peace and happiness in life.

2. Crafts: Bozsomati (Hungarian)

Soemone applying her sewing skills in every walk of life, in many fields, but always with her own unique style. She does not sell (yet, hopefully) at Etsy or any other marketplace but I am sure that she will be happy to work hard on any order you give her. Take a look and see how many colors and motifs a make-up pouch can have!

3. Arts: Llywarch (English)

No words - pure visual art. (Photo from Llywarch)