Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fair at Liliomkert

There is a fair in one of the most beautiful regions of Hungary that is a kind of bio-market and though theoretically it is legal, it faces a lot of harrassment from the authorities because of its philosophy. And despite all of this, the market is thriving and growing. Once you go an visit it, you will want to go back every Sunday.

The place is called Liliomkert and is located in Káptalantóti, near Lake Balaton, among the hills and fields of the wonderful Káli-medence (basin).The fair is organized every Sunday morning until 2 PM. You can watch a lovely short video on Liliomkert by clicking here (length: 1:37).

The main idea which I always agreed with is that we need to stop pouring all the plastic/fake/unhealthy/overtreated food and things of all kind into our lives and must make a step back and eat whatever can be found in bio-gardens, eat real meat, taste cakes made by our grandmothers and recycle whatever we can.

So far we have only been visitors/customers here but today I am proud to announce that this Easter Sunday I will also take part and exhibit my jewelry for sale in Liliomkert.

It is the most beautiful market I have ever been to. You cannot imagine just how happy I am! Come and visit me and all the people there, I am sure you will also make a lot of friends and understand why it is highly important to cherish markets as this as long as we can. See you this Sunday in Káptalantóti!


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