Sunday, 3 April 2011

My first fair

Today was an important day: for the first time I participated at a design fair not as customer but as a seller.

It wasn't very easy as my body decided that today was the perfect day for my usual migraine but I tried my best. My boyfriend was a great help, I am sure that without his energy I could not have managed to stay until the closing hour. He brought me soup and kept me alive all day long.

I also introduced my La Kukac price tags which worked perfectly and were of course matching with my green tablecloth, which is originally a big and bright scarf.

We made some sales so in the evening we celebrated with a dinner.

I am sending a big thank you to all the friends who visited and most of all everybody who bought jewelry from me. I truly appreciate your support - I am happy to know I am surrounded by such great people. Thank you for the home-made pancakes too! :)

The photo you see was taken at the beginning.

The first necklace to go hasn't even been published here so it's a real new-born. Tomorrow I am going to show you this piece.

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