Thursday, 14 April 2011

The simple blue bracelet

For many long years I collected fashion photography and editorial scans on my computer. I loved fashion and I loved photography so the combination of the two was really a kind of hobby. Then I lost my hard drive and all my photos on it. I started collecting again and some years later when I had a nice huge collection on another computer, I lost it all again. Then I did not start it all over partly because these two cases and partly because I was not that passionate about it any longer.

Yesterday I lost my hard drive on my work laptop too. I was not that scared or stressed about it - I already did this twice so why worry about losing things again.

In the end, we could recover most of the data and save them on the new hard drive so the end is happy.

The photos that help me present the simple blue bracelet are from many different photographers who I cannot credit as I do not have the names, but for those interested here is the list of the fashion designers: Chloé, Beige, Armani, Peter Som and Marni.


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