Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Something purple

I made this charm months ago for Bozsomati. The instruction I received was "something purple".

I am not a big fan of charms or anything that is for making a phone look more beautiful.

A phone is to make calls on it and nothing more. For me it is not a piece of fashion, not part of my outfit, and most of all not a status symbol.

For many long years I used to have the ugliest but most useful phone. It was made of metal and rubber to make it water-, dust- and LaKukac-proof, and it managed well with my manners as falling out of my hand on stairs, in the bathtub, out of the car... But one morning when I woke up I saw that during the night somehow it ended up in a glass of juice which still to date I cannot imagine how could have happened, above all because I have been "straight edge" for the past 12 years. This was our last morning together.

Since then I have had another phone that I can throw from here to there without any problem.

But I accept that nowadays people want more from their phones, for women mostly it is to look nice and sytlish. So why not making a mobile phone charm that has "something purple"? After all, it is not for me!


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