Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Lazy Kukac... or not?

I know I haven't posted anything since last Thursday and it's a shame and all of that I know. But it's not because I am lazy.

I just have been focusing on different things during these days: our friend's hen party (it was grrrreat!), my friend's after-hen party, and a lot of sports. Last Friday was the first time I have ever tried yoga - hm, I guess I will stay with Pilates and Callanetics... I feel like I could work out every day and I do it as much as I can now, I am fed up with sitting all day in my office chair and becoming a muffin!

So I promise I will soon update the blog again with some jewelry, all I need to do is uploading the photos and have a rainy weekend just as it looks like it will be again.

But if you feel like reading a blog featuring some hand-made stuff, check out Viki's blog here. She is more diligent than me these days :)

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