Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Theoretic questions about going on a holiday with your dog(s)

We are back from holiday but I promised myself that I will share one impression with you on the blog.

The subject is: where can you go with a dog?

The answer could be simple: anywhere! This is what I see in Austria for example - it is totally normal to go shopping to the mall with your dog by your side. In Hungary you just cannot do this. Malls are forbidden area for dogs, but to make you happy some of them organize one day per year when they open their doors to your best friend too. Wow, I should be impressed I guess...

But I know, I might be wishing for too much so let's just stay outside and discover our beautiful nature together. But forget about lakes, even the most remote and empty ones have huge signs at their entrance: dogs are not allowed! Well, first of all, we wanted a holiday to spend with our little "family" together so leaving them in the car is out of the question, just as leaving the lake is. This is what happened to us at every lake during our break.

Funny thing is, in the end we could enter all of these areas with our dogs and also swam with them in the cool water. So if the people who are there or even who take care of the lake don't bother, why the warning sign?

This all also leaves a theoretic question in my head just as the "dogs forbidden" parks of our country. What is the real reason behind? Dogs are dirty? Well, I travel on the tram with a lot of people who are much dirtier than our dogs. Dogs will piss in the water? They don't even do it in front of us when we go for a walk but they search for a hidden place. Dogs spread diseases? And what about men who forget to wash their hands after going to the restroom?

So the end was happy as you see: we were not forbidden. Only in theory. As long as it stays like this, I will leave my questions theoretic too.



  1. Egyet értek, borzalom! Inkább egy kutyát simogatok meg, vagy hagyom, hogy megszaglássza illetve megnyalogassa a kezem mint a sok koszos emberrel kezet fogni...amit a munkám megkövetel. És igen, nyilt utcán, a járda közepén is csak olyan kutya pisil, ahol a gazdája is megteszi, vagy a gyerekének is megengedi.

  2. Igazatok van. De a ti kutyáitok és a mi kutyánk jól nevelt, mert mi is jól neveltek vagyunk. De sajnos ez még nem általános nálunk. Majd ha egyszer eljutunk országosan arra a szintre, hogy nem derogál összeszedni a kutyaszart és még sorolhatnám, akkor valószínű a négylábú kedvenceket is nagyobb társadalmi megbecsülés övezi majd. Addig marad a példamutatás, és a remény, hogy egyszer nem csak egy vékony rétegnek lesznek természetesek ezek a dolgok.