Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cross the Sea

This piece has its owner already, a lady who loves lighthouses. She asked me a long time ago to make her something in the sailor-theme so I bought the components immediately but somehow forgot about the project later on. It was already a shame so now I recovered my backlog towards her.

These earrings are 8 cms long which could be too long for a lot of people but look great with the long neck and curly hair she has.

And then when I was ready I forgot to take proper pictures so I only have this one which I took for her to give confirmation via email. But I decided to post it anyway because this story brings warmth to my heart no matter how great or not the photo might be.

Sail on, cross the sea, find your lighthouse darling!



  1. This is for Grétike, isn't it.

  2. Beautiful work and beautiful blog!
    I share the creating pleasure with you. It´s amazing when you have in your hands something you have thought and made on your own.
    Gorgeous "sailor-theme" earrings. I love them.

  3. Thanks a lot! :) I know this feeling you are talking about... Even if I am still just a beginner finding her way.