Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I have been making jewelry for everybody else but myself recently, so I have just realized. I decided to make something only for myself this time. I wanted a bracelet that is black (because I hardly have any jewelry in black), something simple (because I love simple things) and something really ME.

As somebody collecting coins, what could be more ME than using a real coin for this piece. Moreover, this Danish Krone tells a very peculiar story.

Not so long ago I bought a new car, a used one of course. We were cleaning it inside and outside and dismantled everything in the trunk as well to be able to vacuum clean it thoroughfully. But what we found there was something nobody expected: underneath the spare tyre and all the covers was a pile of different coins, from many-many countries. The whole pile was not worth too much but represented a huge value for me: coins from Estonia, Latvia, and so on - and Denmark of course! Somehow I had not have any coins from these countries before even though they are neither far nor exotic.

I decided to keep one piece of all of them in my collection and recycle the rest in my jewelry or however I feel like.

This Krone is truly beautiful so just had to be used for my bracelet. I added a key and a shell-charm, wrapped the leather around my wrist, closed it with a clamp - the bracelet is ready!

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