Monday, 18 July 2011

Some Examples of Why It's Good to be a Woman

You can ALWAYS ask for help

No matter how stupid is the thing you want to achieve, how easy the task is, how disgusting the animal you want to get rid of - you can always ask for help. It can be your luggage, it can be parking your car, or a spider on your wall, several times in your life you will experience that asking for help is much easier than doing it alone. Men (I mean real men, not the imitation) love to help us and to look brave/smart/strong, so why not make both sides happy?

You can be nice

Yes, this is also a kind of luxury these days. A woman can always be nice without anybody thinking she is gay or is a stalker. You can make friends practically anywhere, you can talk to kids or dogs or anyone on the street, you can show your love to your friends and family without losing your image. What a relief!

And last but not least: Jewelry of course!

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