Saturday, 23 July 2011


Companies are getting more and more innovative when it comes to marketing and promotion. At the company I work we have loads of such tools and presents and my favourite is a kind of magnetic sheet that consists of many words that can be separated by tearing them apart from each other and down from the head of the sheet itself. When you do this, you get a bunch of tiny individual words you can use as fridge magnets. There are a lot of professional words and a lot of ordinary words so you can just use them as a mosaic and compose funny sentences on the fridge.

We have one such collection in our company kitchen, it has already given us a lot of funny moments at work.

The main purpose of this tool is to make laboratory staff do the same when they are waiting for a session to run in the lab, as labs are full of fridges to store the reagents and so on.

But there is one word which means more than anything to me and yesterday, I must admit, I took this word to my desk and sticked it on a metal surface: TIME.

Do you know that time is the ultimate decisive force in our life, that no other thing has such a great power? With time you have everything. You must take it and use it for what it is and never waste it or take it granted, never think that you have as much of it as you want. The time that is gone is gone forever.

When you are late, you are late and cannot turn it around. When you are too late, you cannot buy more time. When you have no time, you have nothing.

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