Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Two Lives

I have a colleague, let's call her Esther. She works in the same position as me but for a different area and often says that actually we both have two lives which are very different from each other.

In one life we work at this company, dress according to the company policy rules (means clothes I would never buy if it wasn't for the policy), do certain things and represent something. In our other life we forget about all this and wear simple clothes and care about nothing else than finding the best place to run/cycle in her case, going for a trip in mine. Sometimes it is really like being two different persons in one.

In this other life today I walked many-many miles of forest paths, was laying in a field of wheat listening to the summer breeze and watching clouds go by over me, saw a deer standing behing us on the road as we were walking by, and discovered a hidden waterfall deep in the forest. I am now so tired and still not tired at all.


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