Wednesday, 17 August 2011


You might remember the "Beautiful technology" earrings I made using blue howlit. They got soon reserved with the additional request for a matching necklace.

It took me a while but now the necklace is ready.

As you see I have no model so it was myself posing with this new piece. (Volunteers welcome for modeling! And I'm being serious now.) The length of the necklace is of course adjustable.

Today after work I somehow (...) walked into one of my favourite bead shops and they were having sales at extremely low prices on ready jewelry made using minerals. I am saving money for a holiday but I just could not resist, especially because normally they do not sell ready-made jewelry so now was the time to grab a bargain on hand-made pieces.

So it is not only Helen getting some new jewelry now, but also your La Kukac, what a wonderful day!


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