Saturday, 22 January 2011


As yesterday I did not make any new jewelry and I feel like you also need some breathing time once in a while, again I'm presenting a film.

This is a brand new documentary on show now in the cinemas, called "Babies". I am not really fond of babies or children but after reading about this documentary I thought it might be interesting. It presents the first year of four babies: one from Mongolia, one from Japan, one from Namibia and one from the USA. What we see is that their life differs in a lot of aspects but in many, it is the same: the central role of the mother, children or pets around them, learning to talk or walk, and so on. This is the main theme that makes it stand out of all the other films showing the subject of childhood or being born, and in this field, it succeeds.

Unfortunately I cannot say that this movie changed my life or made me think differently about anything and also, it became a bit boring after about 40 minutes. Maybe, for someone more crazy about children will enjoy it more than I did - well, you can also give it a try.

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