Monday, 24 January 2011

Casi casi

As I promised on the first day, I present you the sister-piece of the first earring. And really it is a sister as the recipient was my sister this time.

The concept is the same but the pieces that make it are different this time. I used a small pink star instead of the brown wooden rolls. The medium sized bead matches the big one in its glittering glaze. So nothing new, just another interpretation of the same idea.

And here it is, another film I have just seen. Normally I do not watch so many Spanish films but again we chose a new one from this country. As I see it, Spanish cinema had its golden era in the 80s and 90s, since then there have been new arrivals at the top of the world's filmmaking and Spain lost some of its glory. It might be the reason of using up all the exciting topics after the end of the Franco-era and not inventing new ones, or it could be just that the main Spanish directors and actors have stayed in the same old stories and roles and the new generation has not arrived yet. There have been exceptions of course but this is my main feeling. Well, anyone can disagree.

Just as much as the last one, "Yo también" has had its huge effect on me, "Gordos" ("Fat People") was a bit of a disappointment. After reading about the awards it was nominated for or even won, I expected something more. Well, this is not the right word - I expected something less, but (using an especially appropriate word here) heavier.

The idea is not bad: take obesity and the society, obesity and our inner self, and you already got the picture. The goal of the director was to show us all the fears that make us gain weight. This time my general feeling was that the authors wanted to grab a lot but could not handle all of it. A little less talking and a little less action could have done good to the film itself as it felt a bit overcrowded with all these people and their lives happening at the same time. You can follow, it is not the problem - but you cannot really feel what is going on underneath in all these souls. You know their reasons, you know their life stories but because they all tell you right in the face and leave nothing to the viewer's imagination or wit.

Still, having said all this, it was not a terrible movie. Just a totally average one. I just expected more laughs or more drama, but this movie could only offer the two in a more American way than it would have felt right. Mr Daniel Sánchez Arévalo can do much better.

An interesting fact is that not all the actors actually had to gain weight - Maria Morales, the actress playing Leonor had to gain 20 kilos when at the same time Leticia Herrero, the debuting actress playing Sofía had to lose 24 kilos for the film, as according to the storyline she succeeds in losing all that weight before her life takes a different turn again.

In case you go and see it: listen to the song which is repeated some times during the movie, called Casi casi, in its new version sung by Raphael. Well, this one is georgeously fitting into the film!

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  1. I enjoyed this movie. Every character was different and this movie shows every man has the cross.