Saturday, 29 January 2011

Black tufa

This morning I had some free time in the house alone so out of all the great choices on what to do I decided I would make a pair of earrings, this time for myself. Of course finally I ended up making several pairs as it all just went so fast.

My usual method is to pour on a plate all the beads I have and first to make compositions of matching colours and materials, and then I choose the one I like the most. As these days I have made a resolution that my ears will tolerate earrings from now on after this break of several months, I thought it was time to make something for myself and I always needed a good pair of sophisticated, black earrings. So here it is, made of wood and tufa.

I must say that I had two not-so-perfect, but very enthusiastic assistants at the photo shoot: Marvin and Indy, our dogs, who could not stop thinking that the little things I was walking around in the garden with are no other things than food I was about to give to them.



  1. Congratulations, this pair of earrings is a brave job! The dark side of the materials :) Naturally the earrings and the photo are beautiful.

  2. Well, thank you for the location for the photo shoot!