Thursday, 27 January 2011

For R

Today finally I had the chance to give somebody a necklace I have made especially for her some weeks ago and could hardly wait to finally be able to present her.

Her wish was a white necklace slightly longer than the style she usually wears. When I started to make the necklace I already knew that the white thread is not enough and I will need to give it a bit more emphasis but I was not sure if she will be happy with the black lace or not. In the end it turned out (well, according to what she told me...) that she liked the idea.

You can find everything from ceramic beads to a small metal star on this piece. I do not like over-constructed things without any freedom or spontaneity so it was obvious that the beads will not be symmetric.

I am sure I will experiment more on this style, already bought some more textile threads!


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