Sunday, 30 January 2011

Blue stars

As I have told you in my first post, I am just a beginner in making jewelry and there are many things to learn. One of them is to be faster and to have all the moves already "in my hand" so they become more fluid and more like a routine. Of course, sometimes I have to think about how to solve and realize an idea, but the general moves and tricks should become less the moves of a beginner.

So I was very happy to have this feeling when making this earring: it took me only a few minutes to finish. I hope this did not show in the quality of them. The recipient was a colleague of mine (another one) again.

These are a bit heavier due to the ceramic beads (the star) and the minerals (the white cube).

Please also pay attention to the star-shaped little plate that I used for the photo shoot: I got it for Christmas from my boyfriend, after longing for it each time - and a long time - I ever entered a Butlers shop. Lovely, isn't it?


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