Monday, 31 January 2011

Purple haze

This lovely colourful piece was also made this weekend. It was awfully cold outside so I opted to stay in the warm house and create. Only the photos were taken outside, as you see.

I experimented a bit with the materials, this kind of string is new to me and I have used it for the first time now, I hope this is a stronger one which quality will be needed for this design. The earring itself is very light as all the beads are of wood but I wanted to be sure the string will hold on with the bend too. Also, the lock is a new thing to me, so far I only used other kinds. I will check how this one works. I am sure I can also make many other uses of it other than this.

Anayway, they remind me of someone who I considered my friend and maybe one day I will again. We'll see. Until then, I have the earrings.

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