Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Last October I was on a business trip with two of my colleagues. We had a couple of free hours in an afternoon and went to do some shopping as we had a long wishlist from the office and our family. In one shop we all received a free bracelet from the shopkeeper and we decided to found our "Bracelet-alliance" right there. This was the bracelet that inspired the Christmas present for three of my friends. I made similar, but not identical bracelets for the four of us. Each was made on the same scheme by using small black beads with three more emphasised pieces but they all wore a bit of the style of the owner thanks to these three beads that were different.

The one I show you here is mine. For myself I chose this natural, beige colour. The beads were applied on a fine silk thread but even this thin thread was too thick for some of the creamic beads so I had to work on them to enlarge the hole a bit. This is why you see some white powder on the ready piece above, this powder of course disappeared at the first wearing.

Very simple, easy-to-make bracelet, with a lot of variations. Can go with smart clothing and with casual as well, it all just depends on the three major beads. I might be doing a lot of this style later on...


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