Sunday, 27 February 2011

3 Blogs to read in March

1. Cause: Fogadj örökbe! (Hungarian)

Dejke is an abandoned and mistreated dog - nothing unusual so far. But some people found her and decided to give her another chance, her big chance in life and heal her physical and mental scars. The story is beautiful, the road is long, the blog is a must-read. Come and support this family in their daily tasks around a dog that needs to learn how to trust people again.

2. Film: The Film Sufi (English)
I would love to write another post on movies every day but this is not my main focus and there are people who can do it much better than me. Fortunate as it is, they also watch good films. The Film Sufi is one of them.

3. Arts: Artista Blog (English/Hungarian)
Are you still a kid deep inside? (I think I am...) Do you have children in the house who love teddy bears and dragons? Then this blog is worth visiting once in a while. Írisz Agócs, the Hungarian illustrator posts her drawings here - and I am proud to tell you that she illustrated the Christmas gift cards I gave to my family in 2010!

© Agócs Írisz

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