Monday, 28 February 2011

A lively brooch

Green and purple - two colors that people don't usually think of as matching. But when they are paired in the right shade they can do wonders, it's the celebration of colors!

My favourite is green: light green, moss green, grass green, bluish green, "winsor" green (as I read it somewhere)... It is a very lively color and no wonder as it is also the color of life itself. Purple can be very clean and very dirty too. Here I linked the two shades with the silver bead, also a cold tone of the color palette.

I would love to see more color on people, we tend to be so boring in this sense, especially in winter. Everybody has at least one color that would bring the best out of them, go find it and wear it!

About the brooch itself: after doing all the preparation it was really fun sewing it, I just had to think well about it beforehand to have everything needed and to go step by step. It is really just a question of planning ahead. I want to make another one sometime and then publish a tutorial here so you can also make your brooch at home if you have the patience for it.


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