Saturday, 12 February 2011

An announcement

On this windy Saturday I thought about showing you one of my very early works. It again combines two of my favourite colours: green and white. This pair of earring can be worn as a statement, no other big jewelry needed if you want to keep it low-key but you can still add up a bold bracelet or necklace to it to create a more ethnic look (the kind I just LOVE).

It is not heavy but due to the size of the beads it is not the lightest wear either. You will notice it's there.

And a piece of good news: some days, maybe around two weeks ago I announced here that I decided for my ears to tolerate earrings again. For the last couple of months for an unknown reason they started to turn against my earring-mania and I could not wear any without my ears getting red by noon. I still don't know the reason. But I am happy to report here that my decision somehow just worked and I can again wear earrings! Isn't it wonderful how our inner self can control our body? Maybe I should try the same with my migraine...

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