Monday, 14 February 2011

Winter earring

Today I compiled a shopping list before going to my usual jewelry supply shops. I was already running out of time as they were almost closing (I don't know why they close so early, at 6PM) and I had to come out of both of them without having the most important things in my hands. So I searched further and found a really great store nearby. The staff were nice and friendly, even when I entered two minutes before 6, and I found all the things I was looking for and even more! Fortunately there was not much time left to take a look around, otherwise I'm afraid I would have spent more than just whatever was on my shopping list.

But these earrings were not made today. As you see, they are also winter creatures. Again I used the lotus flower as the basis and added everything else to it. I think that paired with a matching colour and material this little crop sells just about anything - so light, so special, so feminine.

Here it is - another photo taken with the help of my two lovely (and kind of hairy) assistants: Marvin and Indy.

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  1. Really interesting jewellery. And the Dogs are very kind.You could be really happy!