Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The looong metal necklace

Sometimes I still feel like I can't figure out what exactly makes people excited about my jewelry and what they don't really find interesting.

The story about this necklace was also a surprise for me yesterday. I don't wear it very often as I prefer warmer materials but this goes with some office outfit so I wore it yesterday. One of my colleagues came to me and asked where I got it from, he said his girlfriend has been trying to find something similar for ages but did not see any affordable and quality piece. So I told I made it and if he would like, I can make one for his lady too. The funny thing is that if not for this event, I would have never thought of posting this necklace here, I just forgot it exists and that actually I made it.

As you see, it is all metal: the double (and extremely long) string and the medals as well. People love to comment on the medals, they find out all kinds of stories why I paired the wing with the scissors.

I guess most people would prefer it a bit shorter, for me its length adds a bit to its speciality.

So, this is the next order in line - with a shorter string and different medals of course.


  1. Oh, ez nagyon merész ismét! Elképesztő :) Remélem egyszer élőben is láthatok egy ilyen ékszert! Olló, kinek jut ez eszébe?

  2. Még nem láttad? Csak azért lehet, mert hétvégén szinte kizárólag zöldet és barnát hordok (meg kutyázós-kirándulós ruhát) :)