Monday, 14 March 2011


We are having holidays in Hungary, a kind of long weekend and the extra treat is the wonderful spring weather which keeps us out of the house as long as the sun is up. Nature is in the process of waking up, the forests are full of blooming early-spring flowers and it was time for us to clean the garden of all the remains of the winter too - but only after wandering in the nearby forests with our dogs yesterday.

These days inspired today's wholly natural earring with a bit of ethnic touch. It ends with a little leaf motif made of mineral. All the rest of the beads are wooden ones.

And a diferent kind of (sad) news: I had an external attack on the blog which made it unavailable for about a day. I could recover everything but this episode again makes me even more convinced that our world is going in a wrong direction somehow and destruction gains more ground than it should, even on such a small scale as a natural jewelry craft blog. Sorry from everyone who tried to access the blog in vain during these hours, I am happy to have you back here!


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