Monday, 7 March 2011


This weekend I had the chance to step a bit out of who I am and be somebody else. Not a different person 'cause it was still me but in the clothes of somebody else I was able to discover somebody else too inside of me. Tired of the fast lane, tired a bit of the same office, same email program, same faces every day, this was the best thing to happen.

We were at a masquerade party and I dressed up as Lady Gaga - don't ask what I was wearing...

This one evening gave me such a push, a big portion of creative power. Today I could hardly wait to get home and start working, I had so many new ideas in my head. Even though I made two earrings and one necklace I still feel like I could go on making jewelry for hours more tonight.

Here is one of the earrings I made: a pretty little ladylike piece for those who love rockabilly - or at least love being a young woman.



  1. love those. great use of the white ribon

  2. Thanks, Harvester! They were waiting patiently to be used finally :)