Tuesday, 8 March 2011

YES to the Pink razor

Remember the Looong necklace?

Well, last week I had a request for a similar, but wilder piece personally from Pink, the singer herself. OK, she is my friend and she was Pink only for that one night (when I was Lady Gaga...) but still, it was an honour and a pleasure, even by the given tight deadline.

And by then I didn't know yet just how important this night would be - her boyfriend proposed and she said YES!

Congratulations to our friends: Szera and Laga!

And Ladies, be careful: my jewelry has supernatural power!



  1. Imádoma nyakláncod, köszönöm! És a gratulációt is! ;)

  2. Azt hiszem, ez egy emlékezetes este marad, örülök, hogy ott lehettünk veletek!