Monday, 30 May 2011

3 Blogs to Read in June

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1. Jewelry: Variant Soul Jewelry (English)

Only in case the owner of this blog posts anything in June (I strongly hope for that). Dive into the colorful and fantastic African and tribal jewelry with Afua, who has been designing for 30 years and learnt the basics from her Mom. Finally something really authentic. Afua, now it is us who have a lot to learn from you.

2. Passion for...: La Mia Passione (Hungarian)

Written by a passionate, out-of-the-ordinary car-dealer in a funny and sometimes painfully honest style. Anything about cars and not only cars. Entertaining even for women as the author is not simply listing up technical features but captures the soul of the cars he talks about. And another blogger who I would like to strongly encourage to write more often!

3. Ladies welcome: Csinicsomag (Hungarian)

This blog is written by a couple of accessories-fan friends who not only recommend stuff but also sell them at a very reasonable price. They pair bracelets with handbags to make sure you don't have to. Are you "csini" today?