Sunday, 29 May 2011

Come to Liguria

Some weeks/months ago I had a dream (don't remember what it was) and because it was so weird I looked it up in the dream-dictionary. It said that I should expect some difficulties ahead and a challenging period in my life. It seems that it was right - we have been going up and down for the past few weeks on end. One day all seems right and the next it all turns upside down.

So has been our holiday destination for this year changing.

It seems that my dream to make a jeep-tour in Morocco will need to be put off again and now we are browsing holiday houses in Liguria, Italy. This has been an old dream of mine too and it would mean setting off by car again, just like we did last year when touring all over the Balkans. It was a great deal of fun so I would expect the same. I want hot sunshine, sea, discovery and adventures again, oh yeah!

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