Wednesday, 18 May 2011


It was high time I should name a piece of jewelry Lateralus. What's more, still I am afraid these earrings are not as good as to deserve this name.

Some time ago we received a payrise from the company. I don't know what others first do when they get something as this, I know many people around me were running to shop for clothes. For me the first thing to do was going on Amazon and finally order this album from Tool on an original CD. On Ebay I found an LP with the band's signature but that would have cost me my yearly holiday more or less. As the CD was coming from the US, I had to wait some weeks for it to arrive. When it arrived, I was waiting for the right moment. This is not the kind of music you use for background but you must sit down, turn up the volume, switch off the lights and LISTEN.

Yesterday was the evening for that.

Pure progressive rock symphonies in the darkness.

Listen and watch here if you dare.

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