Sunday, 8 May 2011

Rainy (and short) fair

After a Rainy anniversary, today was another similar Sunday with a Rainy fair. Even though the weather forecast predicted sunshine for the Western part of Hungary we got washed away by rain accompanied by a cold wind. The Hungarian forecasts are notoriously unreliable especially since the main Western meteorological station had been shut down so it was no wonder that instead of the warm sunny spring day this was what we experienced. We prepared for a lovely picnic and brought our favourite blanket with us as well, all in vain as we left the market at 10 am.

Early in the morning everything looked bright but the dark clouds came just at the beginning of the fair's peak hours thus making this rather a deficit-producing fair than a worthy one. Despite this, I am not sad or disappointed at all as we had a lot of people around our booth and also made sales right at the beginning. And of course, it was all so much fun again!

After the last fair I thought of making more jewelry for children and this strategy seemed to work today, young ladies got attracted to my new pieces as if they were magnets.

I also made some metal necklaces using the new medals I have just received from Switzerland, I will of course post them here at the blog shortly.

Just like last time, our neighbours were lovely people again: one couple selling antique carpets and housewares and another one on our left side selling home-made cakes. When they had to do some quick shopping I tried to replace them but fortunately they always arrived in time which was important as I had no idea about their pricing so my only task was not to let the customers run away util that. In return we got some apple pie and poppy cake for breakfast.

I hope for some better weather soon so we can return to Káptalantóti!

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