Monday, 27 June 2011

3 Blogs to Read in July

1. (Still in love with tribal) Jewelry: Jewellery India

Again I will start the monthly collection with a jewelry-theme blog. After the African jewelry I recommended for June this time you can dive into the rich Indian treasury which many of us admire from a distance but know very little about it, so here is the chance to learn and discover. Unfortunately this is also a less frequently updated blog but still worth visiting once in a while.

2. For all the wonderful creatures: Animal Science Blog

You may have noticed so far that I am a big fan of nature, especially of animals. I was looking for a website which is for people like me. I mean, there are loads of blogs and sites where you can smile over cute photos of puppies and such and this is also a lovely thing but it does not satisfy my need for knowing and understanding more of the animal world. At the same time, I am no biologist. So I needed a site that explains precisely and deeply in a way that even ordinary fans understand.
This blog is just what I was looking for. I have been following for a while and it always contains articles that are interesting – hopefully for my dear readers too.

3. The odd one out: A Blog that Doesn’t Exist – Yet!

It is summer holiday season so I was about to recommend you something on the topic. I have been trying to search for a blog that is for people who love to travel and see the world. So far, easy. But by traveling I mean something more than going to the closest Croatian beach and be on your back for seven days or to pay for a luxury vacation in a Spanish wellness hotel. I wanted to read about authentic spots, wildlife tours, hiking, discovering places and things like the mountains of Romania, the people of Laos or the history of Uruguay. No such blog exists as I had to learn. I found a couple which are sponsored by travel agencies (veeery independent, yes), some that are updated once a year, or others that offer content that could as well be written by school kids, all of them very nicely designed but that was the last aspect that mattered to me.
Bottom line: La Kukac is now considering opening a new blog for this niche topic. Well, until just recently I did not think it was niche at all.

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