Thursday, 30 June 2011

Get rid of the pain: get a piercing!

I think today I discovered one great remedy for any kind of bad day: get a piercing! All the pain leaves your mind as the piece of metal enters your skin - and will stay much longer than the pain itself that you had before. I can say it really turned my bad day into a good one.

The wooden chest I show you here was a present from the girl who got this earring from me. She made it for tea filters but as I never drink tea we decided to use it for my supplies. Nowadays it is hard to even close it as full as it is, no wonder that last time I broke the glass when I wanted to pack my things up after the fair. It has small sections inside and smells of wood. Lovely, isn't it?

Unfortunately Kata, the maker does not have a blog or website which I could link here which is a pity as she has already made plenty of useful stuff worth showing.

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