Monday, 13 June 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

Yes, our Marvin learnt how to pick cherries from the tree and Indy learnt how to look for the best opportunity to collect the cherries falling off thanks to Marvin. (Do you remember my story here from two years ago about Marvin and the cherries?)

The bird cage was my idea. I was looking at it all the time during the fair because I had this idea in my mind: to hang it from the edge of the roof outside the house with a cactus and some stones inside. So I sent Peter to go and bargain for it and then all that was left was for me to bargain for the cactus.

The cherry pie was made today - I am sure it is not only us having a tree in the garden full of cherries these days.

And the car... The new best company on my trips (see my old one to which I was really sad to say goodbye here).

I hope you all had such a great weekend too!

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