Sunday, 15 May 2011

See you later

For most people a car is nothing more than an object. An object they use (abuse) and then throw away for the next object.

I never felt like that. A car is part of what you show to the world out of yourself. A car can kill you, a car can save your life. A car can give you miserable and expensive visits at the service station, a car can give you a proud smile when you say "well, I never faced any of such problems with mine". A car can even put you in a community - I suppose Alfa Romeo owners are the only ones saying hello to each other on the road in Hungary.

First of all, make a good choice - my "no plastic" slogan is valid here too. Second, take good care of it. Then - love it.

I had a great help at the second point (thank you, Peti!) which, together with the original characteristics of the car itself, made it easy to accomplish the third point: loving it.

Now it seems we must say goodbye or at least say "see you later" to each other as this white beauty moves back to my parents', giving way to another Alfa Romeo. Almost nobody, except for two people around me understood why this made me cry. I hope that my next Alfa will be just as a great friend and companion on my long trips as this "kisalfa" was.

See you later, my friend.

If you want to see some more photos and read a bit more of this super-reliable car, click here.


  1. Nem tudom, a kettőbe beleszámítok-e, de teljesen megértelek, Róza IS örök :)

  2. Oh, ez nagyon szép volt, és én is megértem. Viszont amit mondtam a hétvégén, "hogy egy Bugatti Atlantic is egyszer gazdát cserél" igaz. Autó soha nem marad örökre, de a szívedbe bezárhatod...ahogyan ember és kutya sem, pedig milyen jó lenne.