Friday, 5 August 2011

3 Blogs to Read in August

1. Crafts: Textile Works by Viki (Hungarian)

We all need some support at the first steps (me too!) when a little attention can boost our motivation and confidence. Before we make this first step we are really not sure if we can do it or we are just dreamers but once you start your dream you must never stop believing.
This is what Viki is doing right now. She is working with textile, creating all these little lovely stuff that you can also buy in her webshop. Follow her blog and you will see the way she develops and gets better at what she is doing, each day.

2. Ideas: El Mundo de Reciclaje (Spanish)

Are you already recycling or do you just think you are? Take a look at this blog (even if you don't speak Spanish) to see how far recycling can go. Think twice!

3. The district we live in: Napi Illés Utca (Hungarian)

For me, I love the colorful and never boring district of Budapest called "Nyócker" by the locals. It is not a posh district, I know, but the funniest for sure. I chose it because it is close to the company I work at and because it is at the same time almost in the city center. But there are also less funny things happening here which require us to look at them through a different glass in order not to get too disturbed.
The author of this almost newborn blog is my friend who as a social worker by original profession is just perfect at looking through this glass. She goes to work to the very deepest streets of this district and shares her stories with us. Funny... or not?

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